62,000 pounds
  Big U School

Course Outline

Material for Weeks 2-5 will be added next Monday, July 26, 2004.

Week 1 - Overview.  What is the SS UNITED STATES. Introduction and overview of the U. When, how and why did this ship come to be the flagship of the line and the nation.

Who Was Gibbs - Introduction
Timeline of The Ship
The Secret the Navy Protected Most - Added 6/27

Week 2 - Arrangements.  Understanding the design and integration of human environments on the world's fastest and safest passenger liner.

Introduction to General Arrangements - Added 9/28
Find Your Way Out
Understanding Frames
Terms of Endearment: from WT to OTMH
Deck Plans You'll Never See

Week 3 - Engineering.  From fire and water - steam. The power of the SS UNITED STATES. A look at propulsion systems aboard the Big U.

Steam History
Boiler Room
Powerful Options

Week 4 - Passengers on board.  A look at the passenger experience on board the Big U. Comparing passenger demands, then and now.

Open Decks
Enclosed Promenades
Dining Rooms
Smoking Rooms
Movie Theatres
Swimming in Salt Water

Week - 5 Future Waves. What may be ahead. How to get more involved.

Sounding NCL
New Owners - New Designs - New Plan
Challenges of Refurbishment
Re-Marketing the Big U
How You Can Change the Future