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Welcome. You've successfully come into Ship 101.

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Does the SS UNITED STATES need an introduction?

Of course not. Not for you anyway. You already know this ship better than most. Our goal here in May is to give you more insight and a better understanding of how the ship came to be, what might be done with her and how you can change the future - by attracting the interest of others.

The SS UNITED STATES can be viewed as a glass half empty or half full. Most of us look at the glass as half full. Some, I might add believe the glass is overflowing. Others, well - they've got issues.


Where you come down on all of this depends on what you know and believe. But there's no doubt - the SS UNITED STATES is an impressive creature. She was created with safety and power in mind - but her secret mission has always been to inspire.

Today simply study the outline. If you're reading this, you've figured out how things will work for the remaining links showing on the outline page. Tomorrow you'll see a new link activated. And more through the week. Each week there will be more added for you to digest and enjoy. Have a suggestion for the course outline? Just let me know.

Right now, your first pop quiz. Yes, a test! Try downloading the link below. If you're smart you'll have a PDF file on your computer called H488-MA-WFG.pdf. If you're really smart, you'll know where it is (or how to search for where it was automatically placed) and be able to open it and optionally print it. Try it.

PDF Download: Download a Printable PDF (348 KB)
File Name: H488-MA-WFG.pdf

AOL Users: Download the Zip File (273 KB)
File Name: contains H488-MA-WFG.pdf

Once you've done that. You're officially in the class. The PDF you download is the Gibbs Intro - A Job Well Done. This and future articles with be in printable PDF format for your convenience.

AOL users may have better luck downloading the zip variation above.

If you have questions - just drop me a line.

- Mike