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Chat with Big U Fans at the SS UNITED STATES GROUP on Yahoo
On the West Coast? Check out the WEST COAST CHAPTER of the SSUSF
Yahoo Club Guru and Host Rich April has a well researched and great looking web page
Make a Movie about a Great Ship - Visit TV Producer George Brown's Big U site
Rich in Boston salutes America's Flagship with a Great Photo Gallery

Links to Friends of the World's Fastest & Safest Ocean Liner
Roland Fogt displays a 1958 treasure trove saved from his Mother's Big U crossing
Martin Berand's site has great color photos of the Big U in her heyday at
Bryan Guinn's great site dedicated to the Regals of the Sea
Christain Paolino is master of the most colorful and enthusiastic liner site on the web
Steve Flanigan shows family images captured aboard the Big U
Steve Myers documents the Big U in Philadelphia
Keven Tam's SSUS and other liners site
Andrew Durniak's SSUS page
Siona and her daughter visit the Big U about 40 miles from her home
Dan Grossman's tribute includes scans of deck plans
Lou Mancini's Monsters of the Sea includes great images of the Big U
Gene Carl Feldman captured great Big U images in Philadelphia from his kayak
The folks at Barington Steam Boilers know the world is powered by steam

It's Academic
The US Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point is where you'll find new and old friends of the SS UNITED STATES.

Reflections from a SS UNITED STATES Crew Member
The late Lynn Sills was a Big U CREW MEMBER working as Asst. Purser for many years.

American Workers Created the SS United States & SS America
Home of SS UNITED STATES Designers - Gibbs & Cox, Naval Architects - Marine Engineers
Home SS UNITED STATES Builders - Newport News Shipbuilding & Drydock Company



Larry Driscoll salutes the grand SS America at his beautiful web site.
Darren Byrne in Perth (W Australia) preserves the honor of the SS AMERICA / SS AUSTRALIS
Doug Griffiths is another friend of the SS AMERICA / SS AUSTRALIS
Ken Ironside knows her as "The Australian Lady" and to Mr. Gibbs she was SS AMERICA

USN Ship/Sub Preservation Associations
BB-62 - The New Jersey
BB62 - just across the river from the Big U - visit the battleshiphttp New Jersey

SSN571 - USS Nautilus
The first nuclear submarine - an incredible service career - awesome boat.

CVA-59 - The USS Forrestal
The USS Forrestal, a US Navy aircraft carrier launched in 1955 shares many similar technologies with the Big U. Learn more by visiting - a great site, great tribute, great carrier.

CA-139 - USS Salem
CA-139 - the United States Naval Shipbuilding Museum in historic Quincy, MA, is home to USS Salem CA-139

Humanitarian Ships...
The World Ship Project at is building the world's largest ocean going humanitarian ship.

The Great LinersMartin Cox has produced a great web site that proves Maritime Matters
Hello Pier90. Ships, and more ships including Michael Comer's great Big U images from his former Big U

Cruise News? Visit The World Ocean & Cruise Liner Society web site at
Cruising now and then, take a look at
Hans Deketele provides a site dedicated to the speed and glory of Blue Riband winners at includes great travel info including a bio on the Big U at

A bio of Commodore John W Anderson can be seen at the Bergenfield Museum site at
Carol Cambell's opinion piece on the state of ships of state. Interesting reading at
Ken Olsen has an ocean of links on his page at

Ships Live at The Museums
The Ocean Liner Museum - a fantastic tribute to ships at
Newport News, Virginia is home of The Maritime Museum at

The Queen Mary
The Turbine Tribune - Diane Rush is a dedicated Queen Mary friend and this is her great NEW site (formerly the Queen Mary Editorial Page). Visit and take a look inside the Queen Mary engineering spaces! Visit to see The Turbine Tribune site.
Her Majesty, the Queen - the Queen Mary Page at

RMS Titanic
Titanic information, links and great images can be seen upon a visit to Phil Ottewells site at
Titanic continues to capture the imagination at Ron Acosta's web site at

Ship Art, Ship Photographs & Ship Memorabilia

Artistic Power - the SS United States artwork of Robert C Semler.
Beautiful Big U Photos! Like the shot above. Ian Shiffman of Cape Town has captured many of the world's greatest ships on film. Photos and slides are for sale from Ian's web site Table Bay Underway.

Good Reading
All books all liners all the time at

Going to Philly?
Visit the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia