News of Note


July 31, 2004 - Big U In the News. Philadelphia Inquirer staff writer Henry J. Holcomb reports on The SS United States with new information from NCL's CEO Colin Veitch. Ready by 2010 - NCL's leader says the NCL has a business plan that suggests success in sailing the SS UNITED STATES coast to coast via the Panama Canal. To read the full article Visit and search for SS UNITED STATES or NCL in the upper right search window. Click here.

July 28 - Philadelphia area television viewers can catch a Titantic special that includes SS UNITED STATES information. See this hour long special at 7 pm Wednesday on Channel 10, the NBC affiliate. The program coincides with the Titanic Exhibit now at the Fanklin Institute in Philadelphia.

July 20 - The Passing of Elizabeth Alexanderson. Mrs. Alexanderson, wife of the late Commodore Leroy J Alexanderson passed away Monday 7/19. Elizabeth had entered the hospital over the weekend, and passed peacefully Monday night in Hampton, VA. The Commodore, the last of the SS UNITED STATES' three masters, preceded her in death on February 28 this year. Arrangements are pending.

Future Events...

August 12 - The Mariner's Museum will feature a special SS UNITED STATES Family Day - with a focus on the Big U between 2 and 5 pm. An evening Bon Voyage Theme Party tops the day's events. Susan Gibbs, grand daughter of William Francis Gibbs will be there. You can meet Susan and hear her speak before the Bon Voyage Party - sharing insights into William Francis - captured in the diary of her grandmother. Stay tuned for more specifics. Susan will speak between 5 and 6 pm. Visit the Mariner's Museum on-line.

August 13 - Elizabeth Fletcher is hosting a Big U reception. "Fletch" is the author of Grandfather's Ship - a children's book penned several years ago. She is a close friend of the late Commodore Alexanderson.

October 2 - Crew Reunion. Susan is planning a Big U Crew Reunion at the Windmill Point Restaurant in Nags Head, NC. The Windmill features decor from the SS UNITED STATES - including the Ballroom Bar, chairs, tables, and much more. You can see the ship's bell and on weekends meet Dr. Sarah Forbes, owner of the Windmill. Dr. Forbes grew up in Newport News when the ship was being built. In 1984 at the Hadley Auction of ship items - Sarah came aboard and purchased a considerable amount of items - many now in the Windmill Point. Details pending.

Recent events.

June 7, 2004 - New Big U Organization to start? Disagreements in the leadership style and approach of the SS UNITED STATES FOUNDATION have prompted the simultaneous resignation of six board members from the SSUSF- and now in discussion is creation of a new SS UNITED STATES organization. Read the broadcast message from former Foundation President Susan Gibbs.