Dock the U on Your Computer Screen
  Click on an image to display enlarged view, then copy it to your computer and use as wallpaper or screensaver. Makes a great conversation starter at home or in your office. Please read the help / use comment below.  


Bow Cutwater
Bow Stem JPEG

Philly Helicopter Charter
Aerial of Big U JPEG

Lines on The U today
New Lines on the U JPEG

The U in Philadelphia
Starboard Profile JPEG


Co2 Fire Control Valves
CO2 Fire Control Valves JPEG

Sunrise in Philadelphia
Port Sunrise JPEG




Brian Cudahay captured the U in  Boston
Holiday Splash JPEG

62,000 lbs, 270,000 shaft horsepower
Prop #2 JPEG

Brian Cudahay captured the U in  Boston
Boston JPEG

Robert J Milloy's Approach 68
Approach JPEG

Rescued Promo Shot
Captains Reception JPEG


Low Pressure Turbine #4
LP Turbine Unit 4 JPEG

Help / Use

Images are 800 x 600 or less and can be used for Wallpaper or a Screensaver on your computer.

For best results, select the Center option when positioning.

If you have Windows 2000, ME or NT you may need to first convert your downloaded jpg file into a bmp format using your computer's paint program.

For help with displaying images on Your Computer as wallpaper or a screen saver visit this Kodak Help Page.

Please respect that images are for your private use only, and should not be duplicated on websites or distributed, published or printed beyond your personal computer or outside your home or personal office space use.