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The SS UNITED STATES calls on Boston. This image, courtesy of Brian Cudahy shows the SS UNITED STATES calling on Boston in 1968. Brian is an author of many maritime and transportation books - this image, just one of many he personally shot, appears in his book: Around Manhattan Island and Other Maritime Tales of New York.

This image is unique - it is the one time the Big U called on Boston. Brian's book includes other great images of the SS UNITED STATES (from his personal maritime photographs).

About the book: Around Manhattan Island and Other Maritime Tales of New York. Brian begins with a history of the Circle Line and its forerunners and erstwhile competitors in the around-Manhattan sightseeing business. Next, he shares the fascinating story of the fastest ocean linear of all time: the S.S. United States. The noble history of the New York Fire Department's fire boats is next. By the way - William Francis Gibbs is again highlighted for one of his other beloved accomplishments - NYFD's Firefighter. That is followed by the story of the Iron Steamboat Company's sidewheelers, which ferried passengers to the magical Coney Island from 1881 to 1932. Then there is the tragic 1932 explosion of the steamboat Observation, with its parallels to an earlier and even more devastating tragedy at nearly the same spot. Finally, Cudahy tells, in great detail, of the New York-to-Bermuda cruises - as they were in yesteryear, and as they are today. To learn more, use Google and search for:   Books by Brian J. Cudahy

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