Updated: September 21, 2002
 Joe Rota

Joe Rota Movie Clips

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A glimpse of Joe Rota walking on the Raised Game Deck. Camera then sweeps horizon on starboard side capturing ship side white caps. As Joe walks toward you, you'll see the aft decks are green. Note the shuffleboard outline. Of note - no passengers - it's early morning and the seas, as you can see are kicking up . [ 1. Joe 14-sec, 700kb]

Dockside. A revealing monumental profile starting with the stem at the waterline, up to the peak, panning across the ship's name and down the starboard side, showing the Southampton terminal, crane and two people walking. [2. Southampton 15-sec, 700kb]

Departure time from Southampton with fire & life boat drill in progress. On the Sun Deck, port side. begins with lifeboat davit, pans right as crew member puts on vest. Brief shot of passengers with orange life vests ends with pan back of lifeboat bottom. Standing Assistant Engineers' Quarters. [3. Dril, 9-sec, 430k] b]

Lifeboat 22, portside taken from the Sports Deck. 22 is the first lifeboat (after the service boat). Pan left shows lifeboat seats and the levers passengers could use to "row" the lifeboat, via a chain gear mechanism that spun the lifeboat propellor. Note the backup oars tied to the inside wall of the lifeboat. Shot changes to a starboard side perspective of the aft funnel top and ends with a shot of whitecaps. At beginning of clip, ships speed over water is apparent. [4. Lifeboat, 14-sec, 670kb]

Funnel Pan, from Sports Deck. Forward to aft. Note the light mast on the top of the forward funnel. Shot ends showing the vents on the signature sampan funnel. [5. Funnels, 8-sec, 400kb]

LeHavre arrival. President Harry Truman exits the gangway for a review of the French honor guard. Tip of the hat, actually two tips, and a glimpse at Joe Rota! In the background you can see the Main and Upper Deck stateroom ports. May 56. Is that the First Lady and daughter at the end of the clip? [6. Harry, 14-sec, 670kb]

From the Sports Deck, pan right from starboardside looking aft you can feel the ship moving at 30+ knots. The wake of the ship is visible along with rough seas. [7. Wake, 7-sec, 350kb]

A composite, showing crew member in passageway, tilt up to smoke from funnel - taken upon leaving Ireland. Then arrival in New York harbor May 1958. Liberty, seen through the port kingpost. Closes with New York skyline - hauntingly similar to how that skyline looks today. Spread the word and help save the UNITED STATES. [8. Arrival, 17-sec, 300kb]


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Pictured above: 1) That's Joe the Bellboy aboard the SS UNITED STATES while at sea.

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