Upon entering the Windmill Point Restaurant you're greeted by the Ship's Bell from the SS UNITED STATES - and the first of many images of the Big U - hundreds - to be discovered throughout the restaurant and lounge.


Windmill Point Restaurant
Nags Head, NC
October 2, 2004

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In advance of the evenings celebration there was time for some great show-and-tell - with crew members bringing treasures and momentos that documented their career. At right: Nick Landiak holds his maiden voayge medal - presented to him by William Francis Gibbs.
The reunion was a great success, with guest enjoying seeing friends from long ago - as well as sharing in viewing the video presentations by the SS UNITED STATES Conservancy.
Big U Video - Wow!


One of the amazing video's presented was created by crew member Dan Keating - and included incredible movies of the crew enjoying off duty time!

Tommy Young
SS UNITED STATES Engineer Tom Young and his wife Ann Welan with one of the USL eagles looking over their shoulder. On the Big U - the eagle was everywhere.




The evening included audio and video presentations, reading of goodwill messages from Captain Tucker, Governor Pataki and much more.

Carl Weber
Big U enthusiast Carl Weber and Crew Member Paul Bence shared a table with many other honored guests.
Susan Gibbs
Susan Gibbs read the first words spoken by her Grandfather to the crew aboard the new SS UNITED STATES super liner in 1952.
Left to Right: Engineers Bill Murphy and Joe Belanger, Navigation Officer Gerard Petroni,
Engineer Aurthur Taddei and Crew Member Joe Rota.
Joe Rota meets Dr. Sarah Forbes
at the Windmill Point Restaurant early Saturday.
Leroy Alexanderson

Peter Randall and Joe Rota

NCL's Peter Randall shared positive news regarding the future of the SS UNITED STATES.


Before the reunion, crew members came by the Windmill Point where they were interviewed on camera for an upcoming documentary. Between shoots old friends had a chance to catch up. Below: Joe Belanger joins Marie and Nick Landiak, and their son Mark.

Joe & The Landiaks

On the right: Arthur Taddei was on the maiden voyage and the back of his medal from WF Gibbs recognizes the exceptional service given. Crew members present spoke highly of Gibbs and the respect he gave others. To the left is the face side of the medal - in this case, Nick Landiak's.
Maiden Voyage Medal

Some crew members brought boxes and files - documents, articles and more - all a treat for Big U fans.

Early plans like these were given to engineers in the spring of 1952.
Cornelia and Susan
Cornelia Mueller and Susan Gibbs at Saturday brunch. Cornelia brought a treasure trove of Big U memorabilia.
Arthur and Nick
Arthur Taddei and Nick Landiak.
Larry Driscoll's America
Larry Discoll's great book on the SS AMERICA was one of many items in the silent auction.
Gerard Petroni
A documentary featuring crew members recollections is being produced. Here SS UNITED STATES Navigation Officer Gerard Petroni goes before TV cameras. Mr. Petroni served on the U 1965-66-67.

Nick Landiak, Executive Engineer. Nick signed on as 2nd Ass't Engineer and quickly was promoted to 1st Ass't Engineer. He served as first engineer and relieving Executive Chief Engineer.

Nick Landiak
Alex, Maryanne
Alex Rodell and Maryanne listen and watch with many others as awards are presented.
Greg Norris
Greg Norris of the SSUSC
Joe and Dorothy
Joe Belanger and his wife Dorothy. Joe was 2nd Assistant Engineer - 1952 through 1969 and commanded the Lead Engine Room.
Jeff at WMP

At right: Author Elizabeth Fletcher and Jeff Henry of the SSUSC at sea side Saturday.

At left, Jeff stands at a doorway in the WIndmill Point - click to enlarge and see where the door came from - as did most everything else in the restaurant.

Fletch and Jeff
Bill and Joe
Bill Murphy, 2nd Asst Enginer worked the 4-8 watch in the Forward Engine Room - 1955 - 1969. With him is crew mate Joe Belanger. They're standing in the lounge next to the bar from the 1st Class Ballroom - and behind them art, prints and photographs of the


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  Big U Passenger Catherine Brady and Dr. Sarah Forbes, owner of the Windmill Point Restaurant. In the background, stairs to the SS UNITED STATES Lounge - and yes, those handrails are from the ship - just one of hundreds of Big U touches included by Dr. Forbes at the Windmill Point Restaurant.  


The Outer Banks Sentinel reported on the Reunion in their 10/5/2004 issue.
To read the news article by reporter Julia Ledoux click here.

To learn more about the new SS UNITED STATES Conservancy visit the SSUSC web site.

Have you seen Joe Rota's fantastic Big U Photos? Take a look!

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Bill Murphy Joe and Gerard Arthur and Joe