If you study this image you'll begin to appreciate the incredible dimensions of the SS UNITED STATES. The 12 Decks from the HOLD level up are shown. Also, the orientation of passenger classes, Cabin Class aft and Tourist Class forward, with First Class Passengers enjoying both the spaciousness and stability of midship. Crew quarters were actually everywhere throughout the ship. Ship officers quarters were mostly on the Sun and Sports Decks. The Captain's Q? The Master's Quarters are exactly where it says Sports Deck above.

The specs at the top of this image say it all. The SS UNITED STATES could make 30.5 knots (35 mph/56kph) at two-thirds power. Even if you rode the Big U on her record-setting maiden voyage - she never ran at more than 2/3rds power.

Decks. Your tour today will focus on the Promenade Deck. It's where those Crew Members are standing above in Ian Shiffman's photo. The Promenade Deck does not extend the full length of the ship. The Upper Deck is the top most deck that runs completely tip to stern. This is the strength deck of the ship. But, the Promenade Deck also fills that roll to a great degree, even though you might consider it the first deck of the superstructure - or tier of decks that rise above the strength deck. Above the Promenade Deck, the Sun Deck, Sports Deck and Navigating Bridge Deck level where you can see the wheelhouse and starboard bridge wing.

Do the math. Touring the ship is a major trek. There are 12 decks on this ship that is nearly a 1,000 feet long and up to 101.5 feet wide. Got some comfortable shoes on? Up above you'll notice the Enclosed Promenade is 375-feet long! (114.3m) Just like its twin on the port side of the ship. 375 feet! And it's one of dozens of great public spaces aboard the ship. As for the open promenades forward of the superstructure, you'll find Tourists getting fresh air nearest the bridge on the Promenade Deck. Forward from that is where the crew is standing above - in the Crew's Open Promenade. That's what we'll study next. Take a look!

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Tour the Promenade Deck