Cuts Like A Knife

How's this for putting you on top of the Big U? You're enjoying a close up look at a Gibbs & Cox drawing. No, not the typical deck plans handed out to passengers. This architectural plan, drawn in the late 40s, reveals it all. At left a you can see a portion of the Tourist Class Observation Lounge. We'll head there next.

Remember those crew members pictured before - they were standing at the railing just below where it says CREW'S OPEN PROMENADE. The distance of the entire forward promenade from stem to the superstructure is 212 feet (64.6m). Ready to raise the steam?

FYI: Cargo Hatch 1 descended to 2 holds, one a the bottom of the ship (hold level) and one above at - 'TWEEN DECKS level. This was the E Deck level. It exists only in the forward part of the ship, but not aft of Hold 3. Cars and dry storage in #1. While Hold #2 was totally refrigerated. Hold #3 was accessed via ports at the sides of the ship, and used mostly for baggage.

Let's take a look at the SS UNITED STATES' people places on the Promenade Deck...


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