Fantastic Places aboard the SS UNITED STATES

Perhaps now you'll find it easier to envision yourself and thousands of others having a kick-butt time on the Big U. Sure, that's not the most refined way of putting it. But, come on - you're not sailing on an old liner - you're flying on the Big U!

So, let's continue the party.

Passengers aboard ship would always come and try to find the mermaid hidden in the etched glass panels that partially surrounded the ballroom dance floor. Find Salvador Dali in Joe Rota's SS UNITED STATES photos and behind him you'll see one of those etched-glass panels.

Looking at the plans, the ballroom is 64 feet wide (19.5m) and 82 feet long (24.9m). Over the ballroom the ceiling rises one extra deck level. Surrounding the ballroom - windows. And outside that - the Enclosed Promenade for 1st Class Passengers.

Put yourself aboard strolling the enclosed promenade. It's a wall of glass 375 feet long (114.3 m). Talk about an ocean view!

One really must ask, "could Gibbs and his designers have made it any better?"

FYI: The kidney shaped bar is now at the Windmill Point Restaurant in Nags Head, NC thanks to Dr. Sarah Forbes. Visit the Windmill Point to see.

Let's continue moving aft on the Promenade Deck of the largest ocean liner ever built in America - we have not even covered half a deck - and there are 11 more decks! Or, take a few moments and put yourself up in the SS UNITED STATES Ballroom - and chill out... it's really a great place - relaxing in the day, dynamic at night.


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