Private Places aboard the SS UNITED STATES

Out of all the public rooms aboard the Big U two places aboard ship were pretty much VIP spaces. The Private Dining room could accommodate the reclusive star and 40 some other guests. It's on the port side here on the Promenade Deck. The Navajo Lounge was the counterpart - sort of a by invitation only kind of affair. Between the two - a pantry that helped serve these two rooms as well as the ballroom bar. And outside this center action - the still far reaching enclosed promenades.

Service aboard the SS UNITED STATES (and running mate SS AMERICA) was second to none. If you study the blue prints you'll see how the crew had a bit of help from the architect. Look at the pantry and try to count how many ways in and out their are. How many elevators can you count? Of the five in this view THREE are service elevators (#8, 11, 14). There's also a service stairwell. And, to keep passenger orders flying there are SIX dumbwaiters connecting the pantry with the first class galley.

FYI: There are 19 elevators aboard ship.

There's more on the Promenade deck, take a look at what's showing...


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